To join Coventry Explorer Scouts - RADFORD RHINOS contact us: 

Explorer Scouts are the fourth section in the scouting family.  All members are between 14 and 18 years old.  The collective name for a group of explorers is a unit, or in the Rhinos case a Crash.  Explorers tend to be more out and about than the other sections in the movement and there is a greater flexibility to undertake bigger, better activities.

There is nothing stopping you from joining Explorers, even if you have never been a Beaver, Cub or Scout.  The programme is based entirely on the wants and needs of the young people and is facilitated by the leadership team.

There is the opportunity to participate in Local, National and International Events and a diverse and wide range of activity badges and awards that will recognise your skills and achievements.

Radford Rhinos ESU are always fully charged and up for everything.  We are a highly active unit giving adventurous activities to young people in Coventry aged 14-18.  We, as a unit enjoy lots of activities including local, national and international events, we have even been know to win one or two.

If you fancy trying your hand at climbing, abseiling  or any adventurous activity, or if you would just like to get outdoors with some good friends then this is the Unit for you. 

The Radford Rhinos ESU has been established as a unit since explorer scouting began back in 2000.  The unit has grown and has been represented at National events across the UK.  

We plan all our unit activities as a group and everyone has their input into what is next on our active programme.